4 Ways Estate Planning Lawyers Help You Protect Your Assets

You’ve worked hard to build your assets and want to protect what you’ve earned. You may have come across DIY estate planning advertised as a simple, inexpensive way to plan your estate. However, developing a strong estate plan requires a significant amount of paperwork and legal experience. An estate planning lawyer will help you build a plan with strength and flexibility, keeping your goals for the future protected.

4 Benefits of Having an Estate Planning Lawyer

1. An estate planning lawyer can help you create a customized plan and update documents as needed.

Because life events and changes in your financial position can alter your objectives, you need to be certain that your plan and related papers still accomplish what you want them to. An estate planning lawyer will examine and update your documents as needed without risking their validity.

2. An experienced attorney will make sure your documents are professionally written up and completed.

When you have an estate planning attorney working for you, your documents will be professionally prepared and customized to your specific needs. Your lawyer will help you make sure your documents meet all legal requirements and arrange for witnesses and notary public signatures that are needed, so you won’t have to worry about doing it on your own at a later time.

3. A knowledgeable estate planning lawyer has a thorough knowledge of current state and federal laws.

Probate laws are constantly updated, and if you’re planning your estate without legal guidance, you might miss a new law that could impact your estate plan. An estate planning lawyer will be knowledgeable about the New Jersey estate laws and know if there have been any recent legal changes that can affect your plan.

4. Your attorney can give you confidence that your documents express your wishes as you intend them to.

One of the most serious issues with do-it-yourself estate planning is the possibility that your documents won’t reflect your true wishes. Estate planning terminology can be complicated. If you misinterpret what a document is saying, you may agree to something that’s not truly in line with your intended outcome. When you consult a skilled estate planning attorney, you’ll have someone who will help you document your true wishes legally. They’ll walk you through various circumstances so that they can prepare documents that accurately reflect your goals.

Protect Your Legacy With an Estate Planning Lawyer

An experienced estate planning lawyer will help you build a strong foundation that protects what you’ve earned throughout life – even when faced with unexpected circumstances. At Tarta Law, we provide consultations to explore your personalized steps and answer any questions. Contact us today at (201) 444-8448 to discuss your estate planning goals. Tarta Law serves the New Jersey Communities of Midland Park, Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Wyckoff, and Franklin Lakes.

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